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About Us

To bring visible change in the lives of women and to help them to become self-supporting and independent.

W.S.O. is imparting sewing and computer training to the women to make them equal and useful citizens for the country. With their training in sewing centers, beauty parlors, health centers and computer center they are enable to become self-supporting as with their training, they get jobs and can help themselves and their families. A highly qualified staff is helping in different fields for such trainings. The staff of WSO is also giving trainings and organizing awareness programs in many urban and rural areas. The staff of WSO visits Jails on regular basis to meet women prisoners. Since the condition of women in Jails is very sad and bad, WSO has committed itself for their welfare and for children when they give birth in the Jail WSO is providing them legal and para-legal aid.

Women in Pakistan have to face a lot of prejudice, maltreatment and discrimination at every state of society. Therefore WSO organizes awareness seminars and consultations to make them aware of their rights, dignity and equal status as full human beings.

Women Shelter Organization W.S.O. has been working for the past 20 years in both urban and rural areas of Punjab, Pakistan. WSO has dedicated itself for the protection of victimized women. WSO is also working for the uplift and empowerment of the downtrodden of the poor and helpless women of the society. WSO has established a women shelter hostel for the women who due to certain reasons have to leave their homes. Women Shelter, hostels also caters the working women and the girls who are far from educational institution. It is also far the women who fall prey to the sexual abuse and forced marriages.


In fact the foundation of Women Shelter Organization W.S.O. was founded in 1985 and the founder of this organization was the grate mayrater Bishop Johan Joseph, while Miss. Razia Joseph brought his ideas and dream into reality. At the commencement Miss. Razia Joseph had a small room where she initiated her efforts for development although the room was not comfortable but the enthusiasm was young. In the beginning there were two female social worker with Miss. Razia Joseph, with the passage of time the work of the WSO expanded and in 1997 the inauguration of the women shelter hostel took place.

A group of six female social worker was also hired and trained in community development. They worked with zeal and zest in Faisalabad and surrounding areas of Faisalabad such as Toba Tek Sing, Chicahawatni, Sahiwal and in Faisalabad, Akbarabad, Hajweri Town, Christian Town, Railway Colony, Bishen Singh etc. the Women Shelter Organization uplifted the socio economic status of women through awareness programs on women rights, mother and child care and income generating programs for women. In the start there was only one sewing centre and that had two shifts evening and morning. During all the process Germany, France, Italy and Netherland have been encouraging us till today.


To bring visible change in the lives of women and to help them to become self-supporting and independent.
To create an atmosphere of love, justice, interfaith dialogue, tolerance and social harmony for the integral development of the women of society.


To motivate, enable and empower women to participate in the process of sustainable development for the improvement of their critical and difficult situation.


To help and encourage women to have self-confidence, willpower, strength and conviction to shape their future with their own hands.

To enable and empower women to become active and creative contributions for the development of the society.

To support them to change their miserable and discriminatory cultural, social and economic situation.

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